Loisto tower in Kalasatama Centre has been completed

Loisto tower in Helsinki’s Kalasatama welcomes its inhabitants. The 32-storey tower is the second to complete of a tower composition of eight high-rise buildings that, together with the shopping centre REDI forms the Kalasatama Centre.

Like the Majakka tower next to it, Loisto represents high quality and a new type of living with its services and functions. For example, the residents have various digital services to help them with everyday chores and activities, and one apartment can be rented for short stays for guests of the residents. Loisto has a lot of common spaces that are also of high quality. The large terrace areas offer spectacular views, the sauna spaces are equipped with a bathtub and an outdoor jacuzzi. The inhabitants have also a party space, a gym and a service lobby at their disposal. Apart from the services, Loisto offers great atmosphere and art. At the street level, when arriving in the lobby, the guests are greeted by artwork Kesä ‘Summer’ by the artist Inni Pärnänen.

The design of the flats aimed at efficiency while also paying attention to creating beautiful spaces and sequences of spaces as well as spaciousness. The feel of spaciousness is intensified by the room height of nearly three metres. Instead of balconies, each flat has a winter garden, a warm round-the-year space separated by a sliding glass wall.

Almost all of the tower’s 249 apartments have been sold, and the few that are still left have already been reserved. Besides Loisto, the Kalasatama Centre is taking shape elsewhere, too. The construction of the third tower is well on its way, and the fourth is meant to start later this year.

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