Kalasatama Health and well-being centre scores top marks among young doctors

An educational survey among young Finnish doctors is conducted annually by the Finnish Junior Doctors’ Association. The results of the latest survey were published recently, and the young doctors gave Kalasatama health and well-being centre highest possible score, five stars.

Resulting from the ongoing renewal process of social and health services, Finland’s health centres have been developed into health and wellness centres based on an entirely new kind of operation model. Opened for public four years ago, the first new building compatible with this principle is the centre in the Kalasatama district in Helsinki, where multisector professionals of social welfare and health work in close collaboration, enabling comprehensive services to the clients.

In the survey specializing doctors were asked about the quality of their educational and working conditions in their place of training.

The survey was conducted November last year. Altogether 1 557 young doctors gave their answers.

The results of the survey on the home page of Finnish Junior Doctors’ Association (in Finnish)

Article on Helsingin Sanomat newspaper (in Finnish)