Villa Marga

Villa Marga is located on the site of an old, ruined fisherman’s croft in the Ekenäs archipelago. The buildings and an old fruit garden are in the middle of the site, at its highest point. The ground descends about ten metres on the long way to a shoreline sauna and the sea. The villa has open views of the sea, which gain additional charm from the numerous animals that live in the nearby forest and visit the site.

A log cottage built in the late 1930s and extended several times was demolished to give way to the new villa. The shoreline sauna was renovated. A large storehouse and a cowshed were preserved; they are used in the family’s hobbies of small-scale organic cultivation and independent forestry. An old underground store beside the main building is used actively.

The new villa winds around a terrace and a sheltered courtyard. On one side of the terrace, there is a conservatory providing shelter from the wind. Its floor can be opened in sections, which enables the growing of useful plants to the extent desirable at any point in time. The conservatory is supplied with a long garden table with chairs, so evening gatherings can continue far into the autumn. Stairs and planted terraces descend from the lounge terrace towards the shore. The spaces are on three levels: storage, a hobby room with a loom and baking oven and a garage on the lowest level, living areas, the master’s study and the master bedroom on the entrance level, and additional bedrooms and a sauna on the gallery level.

The structures are of wood and steel, and the principal facade material is grey-stained weatherboarding. The shade of grey was specially produced to harmonise with the colours of the archipelago landscape. The turf roof with sedum and wildflowers merges with the surroundings.