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Kamppi Centre

Client: Ltd. SRV Viitoset Oy, Helsinki City Real Estate Department, Helsinki Kamppi Center Ltd.
Location: City centre, Helsinki, Finland
Year of completion: 2006
Gross area: 56 200 m²
Volume: 288 350 m³
Design team: Pekka Helin, Tuomas Wichmann, Vesa Jäntti, Taneli Koskela, Tommi Varis, Leena Brooke, Hanna Euro

A complex of offices, commercial centre, housing buildings and public transportation teminal, gross area 131 300 m²

The City of Helsinki arranged an architectural competi­tion in 2000 for redesigning the old bus terminal area in the heart of Helsinki. The plan was to create a vital and functional commerce and office center. Helin & Co Architects took charge of the housing-, office- and part­ly the commercial buildings. Two other offices were in charge of the underground bus terminals.

The Kamppi Center is a new area of commercial, of­fice, residential and transportation buildings. It consists of two bus terminals, a cargo terminal, a shopping center, several restaurants, three office buildings and three residential buildings. There are also excessive and extraordinary pedestrian areas, as well as new parking area underground.

The three office buildings are built above the commer­cial center and there are five floors of offices with the entrances on the street level. From the offices there is direct access by elevators (or through staircases) to the commercial center, bus terminal and subway as well as to the long distance bus terminal.

The office layout is very flexible, varying from open space and private offices to the combination of them both. There are private entrance lobbies by the elevators for each office floor and common entrance halls on the street level. Space in the office floors can be normally­shared with 1- 3 users.

The Kamppi Center and surrounding buildings, market places and squares now form a new and active area in Helsinki downtown.