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Villa Vetro

Client: Private
Location: Porkkala, Kirkkonummi, Finland
Year of completion: 2004
Gross area: 154 m² + 54 m²+ 43 m² + 65 m²
Volume: 1 336 m³

Villa Vetro has been designed for clients who have worked abroad for a long time. Therefore, the focus of the architecture is on the presence of the nature of the Finnish archipelago and the northern light. The interior spaces overlap and continue outward to a larch-covered deck, bordered by natural grooves in the rock, lichen surfaces, horizontally growing junipers and old pine trees. The surrounding islands delineate the seascape, where a bay opens behind a headland. Around Midsummer, the sun rises from the sea and sets there again. The curved plan of the villa stems from the qualities of the site, its topography, and views opening from the interior spaces.

The planning, right down to the choice of materials, was done in close co-operation with the clients. The gleaming light concrete, with texture of the timber formwork, creates a receptive surface for the play of light. The concave wall surfaces have been given a surface of pale grey, wax-polished stucco. The interior floors are of solid oak.

The seaward facade is almost all glass. The landward side rises between the rocks as a wall clad with “Gabro” stone, given a lighter appearance with the addition of larch screens and pergolas. Above the wall is a zone of window openings, with copper grating on the blind sections. The fan-shaped roof is also copper-clad.

The untouched natural environment was protected vigilantly during construction. An area of ground that could be worked remained outside the entrance, where an old red brick building had been demolished. Natural plants typical for the area were replanted there: stonecrop, wild strawberry, juniper and wild rose.