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Villa Tuulentupa, Wind's nest

Client: Private
Location: Iitti, Finland
Year of completion: 2003
Gross area: 183 m²
Volume: 637 m³

The client family had a summerhouse, which had become too small for their needs, dating from the 1960’s, on a rocky headland site near the village of Iitti. Several years' acquaintance between the client and the designers formed a good point of departure for the design project. The business activities of the owners of Villa Wind’s Nest are very international, and the design concept was based on creating a base for them - a home in the midst of the finest Finnish nature. The villa is a place for rest and renewal where the family's foreign friends may also experience something unique.

The main view of the villa opens out over the lake. The exceptionally beautiful, smooth, rocky surfaces of the headland slope down to the water like the back of a giant whale. The rocks have a carpet of multicolored moss and there are stunted pine trees surrounded by great erratic boulders. The landscape embraces the viewer - it does not let the person out of its bewitching grip. The morphological configuration of the surrounding rocks is bold, and the free forms of the villa are developed from the geological formations.

The free-flowing space continues from the main space to the bedroom and out onto the free-form deck. The interiors open towards three different directions. The villa turns its back on the approach, as well as its neighbors, towards which the windows are smaller. On the terrace the lakeside scenery is reflected by the large windows, providing a 360 panorama.

The principal materials of the villa are timber and copper. The dark color of the copper blends in with the hues of the bark of the old pines while the grey boarding matches the tone of the smooth rocks. The dominant interior materials are the pale ceramic floor tiles and the birch battens of the lining of the fan-shaped ceiling, which was made as cabinet work.