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Kamppi Commercial Centre
City Centre, Helsinki, Finland, 2006

Kamppi Commercial Centre

Client: Limited company SRV Viitoset Oy, Helsinki City Real Estate Department, Helsinki Kamppi Center Ltd.
Location: City Centre, Helsinki, Finland
Year of completion: 2006
Gross area: 56 200 m²
Volume: 288 350 m³

The cityscape of the new Kamppi district is conversing with the functional basic idea. Towards Mannerheimintie Street the department store expresses the functional main theme in the city centre mosaic. The brick-copper-glass façades of the office buildings in Urho Kekkosen katu Street mix nicely with the façades of the Hämäläistentalo block. Thus the centre gains a brick dominated and active street, ending with the Energy Building by Alvar Aalto and the new campanile of Kamppi.

The townscape of Tennispalatsin aukio Square is shaped by dwelling houses, a department store and the façades of the restaurants and the shops. The three dwelling houses comprise both diversity and resemblance. In all of them, the balconies and the terraces are large, mainly glazed according to the prevailing Finnish practice and dwellers’ needs. Behind the glasses wood is showing as a material between the public and the private spaces.

The commercial spaces complement the service range of the city centre and improve its competitiveness compared with other commercial centres nearby. This is important in order to strengthen the vitality of the city centre and to avoid an urban decline syndrome, where old centres fade into repulsive areas of no man’s land. The street level premises of the new Kamppi are public, and the restaurants, commercial facilities and terminals are intertwined. One can’t notice boundaries between the department store and other commercial functions.

Also the interior space represents the 21st century, where the choice of materials is ruled by a life span philosophy: they are aesthetic, functional, technically durable and economical also in the future. In the commercial spaces, a functional content gains the main role through the wide removable glass walls and the lighting, utilizing the latest technology.