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Sello Regional Library
Espoo, Finland, 2003

Sello Regional Library

Client: Real estate limited Kiinteistö Oy Kauppakeskus Sello, City of Espoo
Location: Leppävaara, Espoo, Finland
Year of completion: 2003
Gross area: 10 240 m²
Volume: 63 500 m³

The new Regional Library includes a city service point, a consumer advice centre as well as commercial services - cafeteria, bank, and real estate agents.

The lobbies of the Library and the outside market place are visually connected through gigantic glass wall zones. The tall glass walls are stiffened with net-type steel tension rod lattices, supported on the walkways running above the lobbies. The walkways have composite constructions. The bridges in the central lobby are supported to three-storey slender steel-frame columns. The outside surfaces of the bridges are suspended from the steel girders of the top floor slab by means of vertical tension rods.The interior of the library is airy and light. The railings and partition walls are made of glass and steel. The large frame stiffening steel lattices have been utilised as architectural elements.

Functionally the building is divided into two longitudinal parts. The open public spaces, the Children's and Young Peoples Sections as well as commercial facilities are located towards the market place. The Music Section with the associated studios and the Adult's Fiction Section are located on the street side, followed by the service point of the City of Espoo and the consumer advice centre.

The reading rooms, studies, meeting rooms and the Non-fiction Sections are located on the second floor of the library. The high central lobby, the exhibition space and the glazed aperture of the Young Peoples Section connect the floors. On both floors the spaces may be separated by glass partition walls or by large turning and sliding oak veneer doors.