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Jyväskylä Airport Terminal Extension
Tikkakoski, Finland, 2004

Jyväskylä Airport Terminal Extension

Client: Civil Aviation Group Finland
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
Year of completion: 2004 (extension), 1988 (annexe and renovation)
Gross area: 1 683 m²
Volume: 9 160 m³

Passenger Terminal Extension

The extension is seamlessly located flush with the passenger terminal, so creating a new airside façade (where the original canopy was swept away, while the land side remained intact). The load-bearing structure of the extension consists of concrete-filled steel stanchions, steel beams and hollow-core slabs. The airside façade has a steel and glass wall and a laminated timber canopy that runs the entire length of the façade. This canopy is supported by laminated timber arches of planed spruce and its inner curve is clad in birch ply. Façade cladding is of planed, heat-treated softwood battens. The interior is paneled in clean black alder. Increased use of timber compared to the original building is a response to the need for sustainability.