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Kamppi Offices
City centre, Helsinki, Finland, 2006

Kamppi Offices

Client: Limited company SRV Viitoset Oy, Helsinki City Real Estate Department, Helsinki Kamppi Center Ltd.
Location: City centre, Helsinki, Finland
Year of completion: 2006
Gross area: 14 150 m²
Volume: 50 400 m³

Kamppi may well be called the new heart of Helsinki. The new intertwines with the old, both functionally and physically. The city space is enriched with three new market squares, which combine the existing and new services. The Tennispalatsinaukio Square is a green oasis surrounded by several shopping facilities, new cafes and restaurants with both winter and summer terraces and the Tennispalatsi Cinema and Museum Centre.

Narinkka Market Square has also become a scene of major events transferred from Senaatintori Square. At its best, it creates a northern combination of its namesake Piazza del Campo in Siena and the Pompidou Square in Paris. Lasipalatsinaukio Square is more intimate; besides having outdoor restaurants it is appropriate also for exhibitions, music performances, poetry events etc.

The City of Helsinki arranged in 2000 an architectural competition for redesigning the old bus terminal area in the heart of city. The plan was to create a vital, functional commercial and office centre. After the competition Helin & Co Architects took charge of the offices and part of the commercial buildings. Four other architectural offices designed the dwelling houses, squares, pedestrian areas, the department store, the underground bus terminals, and the parking area.

The three office buildings are built above the commercial centre. The five office floors have their entrances on the street level, and they have direct access by the elevators or through staircases to the commercial centre, bus terminals and subway as well as to the long distance bus terminal. Each floor has its private entrance lobby by the elevators and common entrance halls on the street level. The office floors are normally disposed of 1 to 3 users.