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Pan-Gyo Housing
Seoul, Republic of Korea, 1995

Pan-Gyo Housing

Client: Korean National Housing Corporation
Location: Seoul, Republic of Korea
Year of completion: Estimated 2010
Gross area: 28 594 m²
Volume: 85 782 m³

Living close to nature, sensing the nearness of trees and flowers, understanding the territory on which your house is erected. Feeling the gentle breeze down the slope with an odour of pines. In the morning, opening the door of your charming apartment to your own terrace with climbing vines, flowers in pots, taking care of them. Having breakfast during sunrise with your family. Looking around, seeing the forest belt above, the neighbours on both sides, the curved walls following softly the forms of original preserved natural conditions, the bamboos and cherry trees in front of the house, a light curtain of mist down in the valley...

From this basis the idea for a unique design in the competition in 2006 has grown: a new model for friendly low-rise housing on the magnificent slopes of Pan-Gyo. Appreciation of nature and ecology in a deeper sense means in this case adjusting the forms of building in harmonious dialogue with topography, plants and water. The new way of thinking means also returning to the conformity of building in balance with nature as it is in traditional Korean culture.

The curves of houses embrace the green common space in between, with playgrounds, brooks, common facilities and clubs. The green belt is flowing continuously through the area and is connected with green arteries to the park above and the blocks beside.

The terraced houses and multi storey houses are designed to have the same morphological basis. There are no major differences between the two housing types. The scale is close, the overall appearance and the cityscape is harmonious. The apartments represent the architecture of our century: modern flowing space concepts, excellent functionality, the equipment of today, possibilities for social interaction, possibilities for a multitude of hobbies, and possibilities to work at home.