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Eiranranta Housing
Helsinki, Finland, 2008

Eiranranta Housing

Client: Ky Eiranrannan Argonautit
Location: Helsinki
Year of completion: 2008
Gross area: 3 114 m² + 3 676 m² + 3 468 m²

On Helsinki's historical Eira distric is being built three blocks with a touch of class and a magnificent view all the way to the Estonian capital Tallinn. Within a short walking distance are the verdant park of Kaivopuisto, the seaside boulevard with its cafés, harbours with their excellent contacts to beaches and restaurants on the islands nearby and wharves of the yacht clubs.

There are many different types of apartments between 120 and 270 sqm. These are especially interesting for elder couples moving from one-family houses to the city centre. There are also apartments ranging from 80 to 100 sqm that are convenient for the target group’s immediate family, such as studying children, grandparents etc. When needed the residents may buy extra space for e.g wine cellars or sports equipment. All the apartments have separate spaces for housekeeping. All apartments have a bathroom with sauna or large pool, a balcony or terrace and a fireplace. The room height is over 3 meters. The apartments have also wireless communication networks, Bang & Olufsen home theatres, water leakage alarms, alarm door contacts and gate phone with camera. The lighting control is also wireless.

All apartments have a panoramic view from the main living spaces over to the sea. In the largest apartments also the dining space, library/workplace and the master bedrooms are towards the sea. The terraces of the 2-storey studio apartments are orientated towards the historical town and the sunset. The balconies of the seaside dwellings have a curved full height panorama window.